Houston Food, Wine, Pub Crawl : Fall 2011

Hello darling readers, much apologized for my noticeable absence — I am busy writing a new book and building a consulting firm; way to finish the year off in a big way!

I am settling in well and finding many interesting places along the way; of course I thought I’d share just in case you find yourself with a free Tuesday night all dressed down and nowhere to go….

A friend and I had the awesome pleasure of dining at The Vineyard Wine Bar & Bistro  City Walk, Sugarland; where we were treated by Executive Chef David Denis, and a heavy French influence, to a sumptuous meal of Baked Red Snapper Filet served on a bed of braised sweet fennel, juicy roasted tomatoes and basil confit; finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar so deep and delicious at first taste could pass for a pomegranate liqueur. The sides were equally well executed, crisp grilled asparagus, rich and creamy broiled scalloped potatoes. Honestly, it was absolutely divine. Sorry for the grainy shot; the lighting was low and I was ill prepared;

The wine list is impressive, and the service impeccable; it added a lovely touch that my friend and I were the only guests in the bistro for dinner. Pre-Thanksgiving day Tuesday, when everyone else is traveling and planning for the week, we were the solo pampered guests – just the way I like it.

Next stop was Dharma Jazz Cafe, The Heights; Tuesday night Jazz Jam; an electric atmosphere and a decadent showcase of talented jazz artists around the Houston area (this was my favorite part of the evening) I could feel the seductive saxophone wafting its tempting notes through the air for my own personal pleasure. The throbbing drum beats dancing a rhythmic pace in my chest. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to go back.

Last, but certainly not least was Downing Street Pub: Cigars and Spirits; located in the Upper Kirby District of Houston proper this little haunt packs a Churchill-sized punch. Live music, a walk-in humidor fully stocked with the finest selection of cigars and more than 150 hand selected single malt scotch to accompany; the folks at Downing Street leave no detail to chance. “With the state-of-the-art filtration system, smokers and non-smokers alike enjoy all that Downing Street has to offer in relaxed comfort.”

Friend and I enjoyed a glass of Malbec from their extensive and well-stocked wine cellar, I indulged in a petit Dunhill that proved just right for my mild tastes;

Captivating conversation, good food, fine music, wine and cigars – oh what a night!

If you have the occasion, stop by Downing Street. Enjoy yourself. Stay for a while. As they say “No, you’re not in heaven. But you are very, very close.”

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Hope you enjoyed my recommendations and if you head out to any of these spots, drop a line and let me know how your experience was!