Apple Cake

Dug this pic out of last year’s archives. Not sure where I left the recipe for this one, but I can almost guarantee that when the apples start to come in this season I will be revisiting this spiced, fluffy, caramely goodness. Yum.


Peach Applesauce

With 30 minutes, a few apples and peaches Рa splash of apple juice, a pot, pan and slotted spoon; you can feast on this tart and delicious blend of peach applesauce on pancakes, biscuits or a spoon straight out of the jar.

I didn’t process this batch for long term storage, but I will be doing several jars sometime in the next week or so – after another trip out to the farm for more fruit. This is one of the prettiest pictures I’ve taken – natural light is something else. Enjoy.

Peach Applesauce