Non-resistance …

Non-resistance is an art. When acquired, The World is Yours! So many people are trying to force situations. Your lasting good will never come through forcing personal will.

The Secret Door to Success, Florence Scovel Shinn (1941)


Houston Food, Wine, Pub Crawl : Fall 2011

Hello darling readers, much apologized for my noticeable absence — I am busy writing a new book and building a consulting firm; way to finish the year off in a big way!

I am settling in well and finding many interesting places along the way; of course I thought I’d share just in case you find yourself with a free Tuesday night all dressed down and nowhere to go….

A friend and I had the awesome pleasure of dining at The Vineyard Wine Bar & Bistro  City Walk, Sugarland; where we were treated by Executive Chef David Denis, and a heavy French influence, to a sumptuous meal of Baked Red Snapper Filet served on a bed of braised sweet fennel, juicy roasted tomatoes and basil confit; finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar so deep and delicious at first taste could pass for a pomegranate liqueur. The sides were equally well executed, crisp grilled asparagus, rich and creamy broiled scalloped potatoes. Honestly, it was absolutely divine. Sorry for the grainy shot; the lighting was low and I was ill prepared;

The wine list is impressive, and the service impeccable; it added a lovely touch that my friend and I were the only guests in the bistro for dinner. Pre-Thanksgiving day Tuesday, when everyone else is traveling and planning for the week, we were the solo pampered guests – just the way I like it.

Next stop was Dharma Jazz Cafe, The Heights; Tuesday night Jazz Jam; an electric atmosphere and a decadent showcase of talented jazz artists around the Houston area (this was my favorite part of the evening) I could feel the seductive saxophone wafting its tempting notes through the air for my own personal pleasure. The throbbing drum beats dancing a rhythmic pace in my chest. Highly recommended. I can’t wait to go back.

Last, but certainly not least was Downing Street Pub: Cigars and Spirits; located in the Upper Kirby District of Houston proper this little haunt packs a Churchill-sized punch. Live music, a walk-in humidor fully stocked with the finest selection of cigars and more than 150 hand selected single malt scotch to accompany; the folks at Downing Street leave no detail to chance. “With the state-of-the-art filtration system, smokers and non-smokers alike enjoy all that Downing Street has to offer in relaxed comfort.”

Friend and I enjoyed a glass of Malbec from their extensive and well-stocked wine cellar, I indulged in a petit Dunhill that proved just right for my mild tastes;

Captivating conversation, good food, fine music, wine and cigars – oh what a night!

If you have the occasion, stop by Downing Street. Enjoy yourself. Stay for a while. As they say “No, you’re not in heaven. But you are very, very close.”

Next post: Hughes Hangar, WHIR Networking Events: Houston

Hope you enjoyed my recommendations and if you head out to any of these spots, drop a line and let me know how your experience was!


Houston, we have a solution.

Thank you Houston, for showing me such a wonderful welcome! Houston International Hostel and their amazing hosts, were a nice soft place to land after jet propelling myself away from the East Coast and into the warm (ahem, scorching) embrace of the big ‘ol Texas state.

YogaOne on Travis St. promptly kicked my butt into high bliss gear, forever changing my perspective and causing me to float nearly 3 inches off the ground after what felt like a five-hour long 8:15 Hot session. His name was Clemente. He was my instructor. He found my breath. Namaste.

Pho Saigon Noodle House on Milam was right on time with their delicious summer rolls and steaming hot bowls of brothy, herbaceous goodness. Sorry no pictures, too busy scarfing.

Cali Sandwich was the bomb-ski cheap eats spot, with $2 sandwiches of grilled pork, pickled carrots, fresh cilantro all on crusty warm baguette – honestly, there is no going wrong with that. I crashed there twice, just to work for a while but maybe more so to try the light and crispy fried spring rolls. Here’s a hint: Tear up some of the sweet basil leaves and add them to the nuoc mam they bring with the rolls…oh yes darling, that is the spot.

Discovery Green was my alternate office location during my weeklong stint in Houston, the boathouse offers up a great veggie burger for $5 and you can catch wi-fi and a few power outlets when you need to recharge. Bonus, I happened to be there during the week of the International Jazz Festival…WINNING.

Kudos to the Houston Metropolitan Transportation Authority – they’ve done it right. The only other public transportation authority that I can safely say has a good idea of how to run a clean, prompt, easily accessible  public transportation system is my favorite city: Toronto. IMHO. The Houston Downtown Metro (700) links you to nearly every point in the city, where you can connect to a bus – running until 1:30 am most days to many outlying areas of the Greater Houston Metro. You can recharge your QCard at any stop along the 700 route, and most of the drivers and operators I found to be very helpful and friendly.

The Museum District of Houston (where my Houston Hostel was HQ’d) is cool and funky and gives off an inviting vibe, I caught the Museum of Fine Arts Houston – MFAH  and Helmut Newton’s exhibit; it was a Thursday so admission was free, which was a nice surprise; bummer I missed the Menil Collection and will have to make sure I stop by during my next visit.

The Uptown Tasting Room hosted a networking event by InHouston – if you attend the next one, prepare to be overcome by the sheer volume and vibrancy of the attendees. Everyone is armed with fistfuls of business cards and robust handshakes. It’s big. Texas big. The wine was exquisite, reasonably priced and the offerings vast and varied. I chose a Malbec (Argentina) and a Red Blend (Merlot and Cab from New Zealand). Salud!

Cezanne Jazz Club was a hidden treasure I am so glad I took the time to find. Tucked away at the top of the stairs in the attic of the Black Labrador Pub, like some old record player that transports you back to another time and place; Cezanne hits every note in pitch perfect key. If I listen closely enough I can still hear the deep thump of string bass gently dancing the red wine in my glass while I tap my foot to his beat. Seating is tight, so get there early if you can. Stay for a while.

For the best Jamaican food you have ever had and the largest portion size you’ve ever seen, be sure to stop by The Reggae Hut on Alameda. Marley plays overhead, ceiling fans whir and wobble; close your eyes for long enough and you’ll swear there’s sand under your feet in this Jamaican island jerk shack. Everything is made from scratch – including the lemonade and the sorrel tea. Chicken and Beef patties, with a soft, flaky, slightly curried crust. Thick, juicy cuts of chicken with bits of jerk seasoning rubbed lovingly into every nook and cranny. Smoky more than sweet but mouth-watering and flavor-packed down to the bone. Peas and rice, steamed vegetables and spicy sauces accompany. Just be ready for a doggie bag or share with a friend, because you are not going to finish this plate. Promise.

Houston, I found, has many a varied thing to say; whispers if you listen closely enough, smiles brightly and wide to welcome you there – sometimes punches you in the arm and wonders what took you so long in the first place.

The locals don’t have to tell me twice how much I will love it there. Bags are packed, hold me a seat; I’ll be home soon.

Apple Cake

Dug this pic out of last year’s archives. Not sure where I left the recipe for this one, but I can almost guarantee that when the apples start to come in this season I will be revisiting this spiced, fluffy, caramely goodness. Yum.